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CMCA Update

Howdy All,

Membership, activity, and involvement is on the rise. Please welcome new members, Gilbert & Jay Lee Dick, Douglas & Joann Charron, and Tom & Wendy Jones to CMCA!

Been working with Mike, Mary, and Duane to consolidate Chat email, Calendar Wiz, and Online Membership databases to one platform for all to access and contribute. Made more progress today and you should have received email(s) via the various feeds if your email(s) are subscribed/good.

As mentioned, I am making minimal updates to the current public website with the CalendarWiz and Online Membership still in place. I'm ready for converting to new website platform if all are good with the transition.

Would like to get the next CMCA business meeting on the calendar. As mentioned our new sponsor Cornerstone Chev in Monticello offered their meeting space with Corvettes lining the road and let's put on a show!

Also have request from Presbyterian Homes The Farmstead in Andover (and sent out date change update via Chat). Please let me know your thoughts.

Happy Red Nose Day and wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend! #CMCA

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