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August CMCA Update

Howdy All,

Hope all is well with you and family, and see a C7 Z06 is in the CMCA house :)

Quick update since transition to new host platform:

Google account "" is live and providing functionality with no known issues, other than some folk have not read their email and accepted invitation. Please contact me for current list of those not on

Fall meeting planning is underway and I would like to move the meeting date up to accommodate showcasing of CMCA at Cornerstone in Monticello, with business meeting at their facility, that allows for remote/online attendance for those unable to attend.

On the local front I have been chatting with Cornerstone on exterior paint/clear-coat issue and dropped off the vehicle yesterday for under warranty repair. Also mentioned some pitting occurring on the aluminum wheel hubs.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all down the road,


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